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Professional Experience


LIATI attracts and retains experienced professionals that have both finance and operations experience who work collaboratively together on behalf of the firm's clients.  In our experience, a coherent team of highly motivated individuals is greater than the sum of its parts.   As a result, clients receive seamless service from a coherent team of experienced professionals working together on their behalf.


The firm is able to undertake a wide range of assignments based on the depth of our experience and our ability to retain nationally recognized subject specific experts to augment our baseline knowledge and expertise.   As a result of  the firms' success in raising institutional capital for some of the nation's leading private equity and venture capital funds, it has solid relationships with leading institutional investors with interests in a range of industries and investment strategies.  The firm takes the time to understand the specific investment objectives of these investors and can therefore match its clients' needs to appropriate investment partners.


The firm has a core competency in complex multiparty financings, including project financings for large infrastructure projects both in the US and in selected foreign markets, including water and wastewater, renewable energy projects, waste to energy, telecommunications, transportation and commercial real estate.   It has pioneered several innovations in financial structuring for large infrastructure projects in the US.


The firm is familiar with the financing activities of local, national and select international development agencies and the governmental finance programs designed to support these agencies' missions.   LIATI can bring this expertise to bear in support of our clients in attracting capital at its lowest available cost.       


The firm also works with companies on issues ranging from establishing and implementing sound governance, assistance in creating  sound financing plans suited to their unique needs, and assisting them in growing through strategic partnerships , mergers and acquisitions and  capital fundraising.


The firm's professionals understand that capital fund raising includes both financial and human capital and it works exclusively with proven and effective leaders who possess the combination of financial and human capital necessary to be successful in their chosen project or company.