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LIATI Principles


LIATI believes that all organizations are best served by managing to a set of enduring principles that govern its behavior today and in the future.   LIATI seeks to work with companies and public authorities whose products and services are in the public's interest.  LIATI has a special interest in working with organizations and individuals that have products, projects or services that help address chronic inadequacies or needs, or that improve the overall efficiency of the use of natural resources.  For this reason, LIATI has a special interest and expertise in "green" products and services that have a net positive impact on the natural environment and on the lives of human beings. 


LIATI believes that its success is defined by serving the best interests of its clients, and its commitment to honesty, transparency and fair dealing in its pursuit of that objective.  The firm is "relationship" oriented and seeks long term relationships with clients, strategic partners and vendors.  LIATI scrupulously avoids taking positions or actions that put its interests into conflict with its clients.  Finally, LIATI strives to be a good corporate citizen and seeks to constructively encourage this behavior in the organizations with which it associates.